Initial Evaluation

What You Can Expect— Our Initial Meeting with You

When you call our office to request a Speech Evaluation, we will be happy to schedule a mutually convenient appointment for you and your child. The appointment will take approximately one hour and includes an informal assessment of your child’s skills in the areas of play, receptive language, expressive language and oral speech. Ms. Hobbs will then discuss our findings and recommendations for your child at that time. Should speech therapy be recommended, we will do our best to find the most desirable time for the speech therapy sessions. Your speech pathologist will be assigned based upon whom Ms. Hobbs feels will be the best match for your child and there will be ongoing collaboration between your clinician and Ms. Hobbs throughout the therapeutic process.

Your First Visit— Preparing Your Child

We like to think of our office as the “Second Happiest Place on Earth” and want all families to feel welcomed and comfortable. As you prepare your child for your visit, we suggest the following:

  • Do not tell your child he/she will be going to a doctor’s office or getting a check-up.
  • Explain you are going to a type of “speech class” and he will meet two teachers who will have toys, books, puzzles and games to play. It is going to be really fun!
  • Some children enjoy bringing a favorite toy or book to share with us and we encourage doing so.
  • We strongly discourage bringing siblings along as this is time devoted specifically for your child with the appointment. We have no appropriate place for them to wait and their presence can be a distraction. If it is necessary to bring a sibling, we encourage you to bring along a sitter and adequate toys so the sibling can comfortably wait in the waiting room.
  • Remember our objective is to create as natural a setting as possible so that our assessment will be accurate and realistic. If speech therapy is recommended and you decide to begin, our hope is the child will be eager to return because the first meeting has been a positive and enjoyable experience.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Sometimes an older child is coming in for an extended, comprehensive assessment which requires many hours of testing. In those instances, the first appointment will be with Ms. Hobbs and another member of the staff. The subsequent testing hours may be scheduled in 1 hour or 2 hour sessions, as deemed appropriate for the child. A follow-up Parent Conference will conclude the assessment process.


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