Making it Work

Once We Begin —

Based on our many years of providing speech and language therapy services for children, we believe there are several components which are critical for creating a successful experience for you and your child.

We will devote our time and efforts to creating a unique, personalized speech and language treatment program for your child. In order to achieve the maximum progress in the least amount of time, maintaining consistent attendance with minimal missed sessions is essential. Remember speech therapy is very different from other lessons or other activities in which your child may be participating. Speech therapy is based on principles of cognitive development and motor learning and skills learned in one session provide the foundation for the next session. Therefore consistent and frequent sessions are required for success.

Based on the diagnosis and therapy goals, twice weekly sessions are usually recommended for the child, regardless of age. We have learned over the years children make faster progress and are less likely to "burn out" before treatment completion when they receive twice weekly speech/language therapy. Our objective is to keep the child happy, motivated, excited, curious and highly invested in the therapy process from the first day we meet until the day of the “Graduation Party”.

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