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Pearls of Wisdom for Voice

– The key word in voice work is “Finesse”. One cannot force the voice to happen. Rather, one must understand the rationale behind the need to “place” the voice, never push… and gently let it happen.

– A healthy, individually designed “Warm-Up” routine is essential for any singer or performer. No one “outgrows” the need to warm-up.

– Avoid prolonged speaking over loud noise (airplane, car rides, noisy restaurants, and noisy people) as this can result in vocal cord damage.

– Hydration is very important. No, water does not go on the vocal cords (duh!). However, the entire vocal tract, from the mouth to just above the larynx needs to be moist to allow for efficient, healthy vocal cord vibration.

– Any concern about the voice should be referred to a laryngologist for examination. Unlike many parts of the body, we cannot “see” the vocal cords without sophisticated instrumentation. Prolonged hoarseness (more than 2 weeks) should be a concern.

– Be sure your laryngologist or speech/voice therapist knows all of the medications you are taking. This includes any supplements or herbal remedies.

– Many holistic/natural remedies can dry out the vocal cords.

– Excessive throat clearing can actually create the formation of more mucous. Instead try a sniff followed by a swallow, which should relieve the feelings of something to be cleared.

– Most voice problems can be improved, regardless of age, diagnosis and history.

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