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Whether you have chosen a career in singing, acting, the law, ministry, radio announcing, television, politics or other related fields, you are considered a professional voice user. Your success in your chosen career is directly influenced by the way you use your voice.

Additionally, the voice is truly a mirror into the soul. The way a person says “hello” can belie a full range of emotion which may not be expressed verbally but is revealed in vocal tone, quality, and nuance.

It is to the advantage of any vocal professional to understand the anatomy and physiology which underlies voice production. As a voice professional, you will be well served to develop techniques for speaking and/or singing which utilize the most vocally healthy principles and are easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Speech and voice therapy is designed to facilitate those goals. Initially a careful analysis of your speaking and singing voice is essential to determine and outline appropriate goals for treatment. The therapy then includes individual sessions in the office as well as personal practice outside of the treatment sessions. We will develop a “Vocal Warm-Up” routine which is designed specifically for you are your needs. Warming up is essential for any professional voice user.  The ultimate objective is to improve your skills in a way which is healthy freeing, thereby “making your voice and speech the best they can be.”

In addition to individual speech and voice therapy, the following references we heartily endorse and maybe particularly helpful to you:
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